If you want peace of mind and you do not mind paying a pound for it then we have the perfect site to help you remember all the essential items you need for your holidays this summer ...

IMAGINE the scenario. You are all set for a day on the beach, soaking up the sun and leaving your troubles behind.

The only problem is you have left your trunks or bikini back home.

Okay, so you are unlikely to leave something as essential as your swimwear at home before setting off on your holiday but there are plenty of other bits and pieces which you might forget to take, especially if you leave all your packing until the last minute.

This is where the Don't Forget Your Toothbrush site comes in.

You can banish all worries of leaving your tickets or passport at home by using the site to set up your own personalised holiday checklist.

The site boasts every holiday variation is covered, so all you have to do to set up your own checklist is to tick the boxes which apply to you after selecting all the items you will need to remember.

You then print out your list and use it every step of the way in planning your holiday.

The checklist service is timescale-based so you can set up different sections, such as "in advance" and "two weeks before".

The site is a little ambitious in asking users to register and pay for using the service but subscription is only £5 for five years so peace of mind does not cost the Earth.

This is a simple yet effective idea which may just be the difference between your holiday going smoothly and you screaming with despair when you reach your destination and start unpacking.