An NHS trust has denied a misleading video circulating through social media “exposing” a doctor that appears to be attempting to put down a patient and blame the death on Covid-19.

The video claimed to show a female doctor attempting to kill an Indian patient at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, with the caption suggesting this was a racial issue.

While the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LWNH) has denied that this video took place in Northwick Park Hospital, it is likely many recipients would have believed the misinformative video.

A common caption shared through Whatsapp and Facebook read: “This is unbelievable, in England, UK western governments democracy killing patients purely (because) he has brown or black skin.

“A nurse exposing (a) female doctor who was attempting to kill (an) Indian patient and blame Covid… Pass it on to all, let this go viral now.”

The doctor and patient in the video

The doctor and patient in the video

In the video, the person recording questions a doctor “is that unconscious to you?” as they suggested medication was stopped because the doctor declared the patient as unconscious. The person recording the video appears to be verbally abusive and shouts that the doctor “should not be working here.”

There is no context in the video to suggest whether the issue recorded is actually Covid-related, nor that this took place at Northwick Park Hospital.

In response, the trust managing the hospital said: “We’re aware of a video that purports to be a nurse challenging a doctor about a clinical decision.

“This was not filmed at Northwick Park or at our other hospitals. Fake information can cause our communities to worry or to avoid seeking urgent care. Think before you share.”

Misinformation regarding Covid-19, its impact to hospitals and the safety of vaccines have been increasingly common over the past year as it is fuelled through chains sent in Whatsapp, Facebook and other platforms.

It comes after the Centre for Countering Digital Hate revealed that antivaxers are specifically targeting black and Asian communities by spreading through social media and Whatsapp.

Other types of Covid-related misinformation, such as the Northwick Park example, also appear to commonly spread in minority ethnic groups.

Digital Secretary and Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden previously addressed misinformation concerns, as they worked with social media platforms to ensure disinformation is swiftly flagged and dealt with.

Mr Dowden previously said: “Covid disinformation is dangerous and could cost lives. While social media companies are taking steps to stop it spreading on their platforms there is much more that can be done."