A singer with Chinese and Jamaican heritage has spoken about how the Disney Christmas advert she helped create made her think about her relationship with her mum.

Griff, who grew up in Kings Langley, has had her song Love is a Compass featured in the tear-jerker festive advert.

The animation short shows how a Filipina lola ("grandmother" in Tagalog) connects with her granddaughter through their tradition of making parols, a star-shaped lantern, every Christmas.

A Mickey Mouse doll gifted to the grandmother as a young child by her father in 1940 comes to symbolise her present day relationship with her granddaughter.

19-year-old British musician Griff described how the advert resonated with her, revealing the cultural tension she faces with her mum, who is of Chinese heritage.

She said: “When I watched it in its finished form, and hearing the director talking about what the story is about, talking about lola the grandmother and her granddaughter.

“For me, it really resonated with me and my mum. We are going through that time now.

“There is that bit in the ad where they grow up and the granddaughter goes away and I feel that’s the tension I am facing now.

“My mum is not from the UK and I am this Western daughter who is growing up in a very Western world.

Harrow Times:

Griff grew up in Kings Langley. Photo: The Ivors Academy with Apple Music/PA

“But times like Christmas are times when you can just come together and share those moments. It definitely made me think of my mum.”

The Ivor Novello Rising Star nominee added that during the pandemic, "it's the happy ending everybody wants to see".

She said: “Right now at this time, it feels very timely and people are going to watch it and crave to be together and want to be together. Definitely when I was watching it.

“It’s so important to give a message of hope and realise that we will all reconnect at some point. When I watched it I just loved it.”

Harrow Times:

In the advert, a young girl is given a Mickey Mouse doll by her father in 1940. Photo: Disney

Love is a Compass, written by songwriting and production team PARKWILD, has been released as a charity single. Proceeds made on every download before December 31 is being donated to Make-A-Wish.

Tasia Filippatos, senior vice president of Disney EMEA, said: “Christmas is a time for giving and giving back, and we’re delighted to debut this festive ad campaign supporting our long-term charity partner Make-A-Wish. Our goal was to tell a universal story that inspires through the themes of family, love and special holiday traditions. We hope that Disney fans enjoy the short.”

Luciano Manzo, president and chief executive of Make-A-Wish International, said: “Our 40-year partnership with Disney has already helped grant so many wishes for children across the world and we’re really excited to be part of this Christmas campaign.

Harrow Times:

Disney's Christmas advert tackles family and tradition. Photo: Disney

“The festive season is such a meaningful time for so many families to celebrate special memories, and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to grant even more life-changing wishes with Disney’s support. We hope audiences love the animated short and get involved.”

The Mickey Mouse doll from the advert is available to buy online with money going to Make-A-Wish organisations, which help fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses.