A rescue dog that was reportedly stolen from an animal welfare charity has been found “dumped in a thunderstorm”.

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in Watford says nine-year-old Zoey, who is a mix of a Jack Russell and Poodle Cross, is now back safe at the centre in Tylers Way after she was stolen on Tuesday night (August 11).

The charity said that after staff performed final night patrols on Tuesday, thieves gained access to the rehoming yard and stole Zoey.

But NAWT says the dog was found around midnight this morning (Friday) outside the centre on the A41 after being missing for days.

Harrow Times:

Zoey is back safe at NAWT in Watford

The charity said: “Zoey is back with us safe and sound, she was dumped on the A41 outside the centre last night around 12, in a thunderstorm .

“She’s happy and pleased to be back.

“Thank you everyone for your support.”