Virgin Media appears to be down as customers across the UK report issues with their WiFi and TV services in their homes.

DownDetector, a website that detects outages and service disruption's picked up reports of service issues from as early as 9.00 am today (June 25).

The issues are affecting people around the UK with complaints reported of the internet being down in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading.

Thousands across the country have been relying heavily on their internet services after being advised to work from home. 

People have taken to both Twitter and DownDetector to complain about the internet provider. 

Virgin Media is responding to Twitter users to apologise, however, the issue is yet to be addressed on their main page. 

One person said on DownDetecter: "My son has exams I’ve had to borrow data from his sister's phone just to submit his work."

Another person said: "I got thrown out of the wifi at 09.25 am, five minutes into a presentation to 35 people.

"It's an absolute nightmare and very embarrassing.

"It's impossible to reach Virgin at present and I am having to use my mobile data."