A group of trespassers have been jumping the fence to access Ruislip Lido after it was closed due to a surge of visitors breaking social distancing rules.

Ruislip Lido was shut on Monday (June 1) after large groups of people flocked to the popular site situated near Harrow and Rickmansworth to make the most of the sunny weather last week.

Hillingdon Council announced that the lido was temporarily closed as they “do not have the resources” to monitor the area and ensure social distancing is maintained, as hundreds of people travelled to relax in the sun.

However, Cllr Jane Palmer discovered that groups of trespassers managed to access the site just a day after its closure (June 2).

In a now deleted tweet, she wrote: “People unbelievably climbing over fences to get into Ruislip Lido!

“Trying to keep residents safe with selfish behaviour like this is difficult.”

Hillingdon Council confirmed the trespassing as a spokesperson said: “Our security officers removed a group of people who had breached a fence to get into Ruislip Lido on Tuesday evening. 

“The beach remains temporarily closed in the interests of public safety, and we ask visitors to respect the barriers in place and adhere to social distancing guidelines."

Footage shared on social media shows a gathering at the lido blasting loud music in the evening of Tuesday (June 2).

MPS Hillingdon first shared a warning in the Bank Holiday weekend on May 25 to use “common sense when it comes to social distancing” as they shared a picture of one of the large gatherings.

Throughout the week, more images of the large crowds at the lido circulated over social media, with hundreds captured at the lido on May 31.

But as the crowds became too much over the week, Hillingdon council came to the decision to temporarily shut the site until further notice.

A spokesperson previously said: “Whilst it remains the position of Hillingdon Council to keep its award winning parks and open spaces open to the public for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of our residents of all ages, we can only do so if government guidelines relating to social distancing are followed.

“Given the number and size of our parks and open spaces the police simply do not have the resources to deal with those putting others at risk by not abiding by the guidance.

"Accordingly, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close the beach at Ruislip Lido in response to visitors not adhering to social distancing guidelines at the site.

"Whilst we wanted to keep the beach open for recreation in line with government guidance and are aware that many residents are sticking to guidelines, we have decided to close and fence off the beach in the interest of public safety.

“This decision will be kept under review.”

A sign urging people to not go into the water has been placed at the Lido.