Respects have been paid to a clinical doctor at Northwick Park Hospital who has recently died.

The London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust has confirmed that a doctor that worked in Northwick Park Hospital has died, with the cause still unconfirmed.

We are told the doctor who works in the radiology department was in Germany at the time of his death on Tuesday (March 31).

His colleagues at the hospital have paid tributes to the staff member, saying that the hospital “lost a legend” and described him as “kind, warm and funny”.

At the moment, his cause of death is unconfirmed.

A spokesperson from the Trust has said: “We can confirm a clinical colleague from Northwick Park Hospital recently passed away in Germany.

“Our condolences are with his family at this time. He is a great loss to the NHS.”

Northwick Park Hospital and Ealing Hospital has become the battlefront fighting Covid-19 in the UK, with there being 113 confirmed deaths as of yesterday (April 1).

As a result, the trust has the highest recorded amount of Covid-19 deaths out of any UK NHS trust.

In yesterday’s report by NHS England, there were 20 newly announced deaths ranging between March 18 up until March 30.

Northwick Park hospital declared a "critical incident" on March 19 due to the rising numbers of coronavirus patients, which lasted for 24 hours before it was stood down.

The hospital had met its beds at full capacity and had to send patients to neighbouring hospitals around and near north west London.