A rescue dog with deformed legs who was hurled from a van has found a forever home.

Bambi was saved from the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) in January last year.

When she arrived at the rescue centre, volunteers said she was filthy, malnourished and covered in sores.

Volunteers nicknamed her the 'mermaid puppy' because of her deformed legs that created the shape of a tail.

It was found she had a congenital disorder that had been left untreated since birth so her kneecaps were outside of her sockets.

Bambi was in a lot of pain because when she tried to walk her legs buckled under pressure and she was scared to put her weight on them.

Harrow Times:

Bambi. Credit: NAWT

Harrow Times:

Bambi after her surgery. Credit: NAWT 

She has been spending the past year trying to reach full recovery and underwent surgery, physio and aftercare.

Her knees were returned to the correct position and the muscle had been rebuilt resulting in a straight back.

Bambi found foster carer, Carol, who spent hours of her time trying to help Bambi to learn to walk again making sure she had a straight back and was using her back legs.

Harrow Times:

Bambi during physiotherapy. Credit: NAWT

Harrow Times:

Bambi was nicknamed 'Mermaid puppy'. Photo: NAWT

Carol used techniques such as skateboarding to replicate machines at physio which would allow Bambi to use her back paws whilst keep her front legs still.

As a result of all the time she spent with Bambi she decided to adopt her.

She said: "Bambi has always had such an enormous love for life even when she was suffering with unimaginable pain.

Harrow Times:

Bambi having physio at home. Photo: NAWT

Harrow Times:

Bambi was thrown from a moving van. Credit: NAWT.

"She has fought so hard for her recovery. She spent the year being poked and prodded and operated on, and she went through it all with a wagging tail.

"Finally, she can live the happy, care free life every dog deserves. You only have to look at her happy little face to see how much she appreciate everything that has been done for her."