Glass was left scattered on the floor after parts of a bus stop was smashed.

A bus stop on St Albans Road just outside the North Watford Post office was left damaged with shattered shards of glass left by the bus stop on the evening of Wednesday (January 22).

Dennis Watling, Labour council candidate for Callowland, was walking through St Albans Road when he spotted the damages at around 8.30pm and reported it in hopes it would be cleared before people’s commute the next morning.

Harrow Times:

Mr Watling captured the damage shortly after reporting the incident (Photo: Dennis Walting)

Mr Watling said: "I am disappointed to see vandalism at a bus stop on a main road used by young families and older people who live in North Watford.

“St Albans Road has been crying out for real investment for several years by the Labour group, but the Lib Dems have done little to act on it.

“For this to happen so early on in an evening is a real concern for myself and other residents. If we had better street lighting and less empty units along St Albans Road, then it is possible this damage may not have occurred."

The glass was later seen being swept out at around 9.30am the next day.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says it does not have anything recorded that confirms the cause of the damages.