A neighbourhood awoke to an unpleasant and smelly sewage leak this morning.

Meriden Way was flooded and covered in rubbish and muddy water after underground pipes became blocked and sewage began seeping out of the drains and gutters.

Thames Water engineers were called at around 8am (Tuesday) to reports of flooding on the Meriden estate.

Harrow Times:

Flooding in Meriden Way this morning. Photo: Cllr Amanda Grimston

Harrow Times:

By midday, the blockage was cleared - and Thames Water soon realised nappies and wet wipes caused the pipe blockage.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said: "This incident is a prime example of the problems caused when people flush items like wipes, nappies and sanitary products down the toilet.

"They don’t break up in the sewers, like toilet paper does, and easily block the pipes that carry sewage from properties to our treatment sites.

"When the pipes block and the sewage has nowhere to go it can back up into properties or spill out into public spaces and the environment so it’s vital that only the three p's – pee, poo and (toilet) paper - go down the loo and everything else goes in a bin."

Meriden Way has since been cleaned while Hertfordshire County Council has put salt down on the footpaths and road.

Harrow Times:

Meriden ward councillor Amanda Grimston spent the morning at the scene to ensure the problem was dealt with and street cleaned as soon as possible.

She said: "This was sorted very quickly and I'd like to thank Thames Water for their efficient speed in sorting this. I also hope residents will learn not to put nappies wipes, and pads down the toilet.

"But I have to say while I was down there, there were drivers speeding through the water and sewage, even when schoolchildren were walking by. This is a rat-run and reinforces the need for traffic calming measures on this road. Drivers need to slow down."