A BAFTA award-winning game designer from Watford has launched her first game.

Emily Mitchell, 20, designed first-person puzzle adventure game Fractured Minds to highlight the impact of mental health issues.

At 17-years-old Emily found solace through game development, and just one year later she won the Young Game Designers award at a ceremony held at BAFTA’s headquarters in Piccadilly.

Harrow Times:

Emily Mitchell previously won a BAFTA

Inspired by Emily’s personal journey through severe anxiety, Fractured Minds seeks to create greater understanding and stand in solidarity with mental health sufferers around the world. Players will embark on a deeply personal and emotional journey through the human psyche. Exploring atmospheric and thought-provoking stories, each chapter symbolises a different aspect or challenge associated with mental health, from isolation to anxiety, with everyday situations becoming distorted beyond recognition.

Harrow Times:

Fractured Minds deals with themes of mental health

“I created Fractured Minds to help those who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues feel they’re not alone,” said Emily Mitchell. “The effects of illness can be invisible from the outside, yet debilitating to those affected, so it’s important to continue raising awareness and offering support. I am grateful for the support I’ve received and want to help others however I can.”

The game launched yesterday (Thursday) on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and is available for £1.79, with 80% of the proceeds going to Emily and new games industry charity Safe In Our World.

The charity is aimed at the video games community with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues among gamers and creators. Supported by industry luminaries and ambassadors across the world, its mission is to create a digital destination where sufferers can seek help, gain access to resources and information, and discover stories from real people within and surrounding the games industry.

Gina Jackson, Trustee for Safe In Our World, said: “Fractured Minds represents the best of what inspired talent can aspire to offer to the world, and Safe In Our World is honoured to be a beneficiary as we support Emily and her poignant project. We are passionate about shedding light and destigmatising mental health conditions while helping the gaming community to come together in support of one another.”

Developed by Emily Mitchell with global publishing by Wired Productions, Fractured Minds is available for £1.59 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is rated “E” for Everyone.