A taxi driver claims he will leave his home of 30 years if a neighbouring development for 165 flats is approved.

Mark Foster, 50, who lives in Codicote Drive, Garston, is objecting to a scheme to redevelop the Arriva bus garage in St Albans Road.

Developer Fairview New Homes wants to build two blocks - each part four and five storey, which will house 165 flats, alongside 150 spaces.

Mr Foster's property backs onto the garage site.

He said: "This development proposed is completely out of context with the area, taking an area from low to medium density to significant density similar to that of an inner London borough.

"It's not sustainable to build high density development in suburban areas where people are required to drive. There is a lack of infrastructure to support it.

"Roads are over-capacity, schools are oversubscribed.

"The flats are also out of character and give us a loss of privacy."

Mr Foster has also argued that the proposed scheme "goes against" Watford Borough Council's residential design guide.

This guide states new buildings should mirror what is in the surrounding area - unless it is considered a major development, near a transport hub, or in the town centre.

Mr Foster, who lives with his wife and two daughters, aged 24 and 22, says he considers this bus garage scheme to be a "major development".

He has gone so far to say that he will move away if plans are given the green light.

The London taxi driver said: "I would move because the area is already overcrowded and choked with traffic. This is not appropriate development for the area."

In its planning statement, Fairview New Homes says its scheme will help meet the council's long-term housing need, adding the proposal was of "high design quality".

Fairview had been contacted for comment on Tuesday but no response has been received.

View the application here