Xisco Munoz spent the evening reflecting on his achievements the night Watford were promoted to the Premier League before switching his focus to a late title challenge.

While the head coach’s goal of promotion back to the top flight has already been achieved, he insists that if there is a chance to claim the Championship title, no matter how small, he is going to try and win it.

“I was very comfortable, I arrived at home, had a shower and I was on the sofa,” he said of Saturday night after beating Millwall to clinch promotion. “I opened one beer, I stayed calm. I had two beers, not one.

“It was a moment to enjoy. You need to enjoy and reflect on your work and on everything and that’s what I was doing in this moment. The last two weeks were very good, because I think everyone gave all the best for the team. Everyone in the training ground gave their maximum and the team was ready for the situation.

“We took a kick against Luton and the reaction of the team, and everyone around the team as well, was amazing. The situation was perfect. We were thinking about the whole situation.

“In December when I came here, this was our plan, this was our job. I believed in December that we could do this. Right now it’s one step more. The most important is the best things are coming in the future. This is my mentality and the most important is to start preparing a very good plan for the next season.

“Everyone will come with big energy and big power because this year was an amazing year and an amazing challenge. Next year is double.

“We have an amazing challenge. We need everyone, not with 100% but 200% to give their best in the Premier League. We need to do this. We need to prepare this mentality this ambition and we need to prepare everyone with this passion for playing in the best league in the world.”

Munoz believes the perfect way to prepare for the Premier League is by finishing this season with the same intensity that his side has shown since February, when they turned things around following a run of three games where it looked like things may not be headed in the right direction.

He believes it is important for his players to match his ambition until the end of the season.

“If we have a chance to try to get the title we will try,” he said. “The most important is to think like this. I know it’s a very difficult situation for us, but we have a mathematical possibility. We want to try.

“We will see what will happen with Norwich and we will have to give all the best until the final game. This is our objective. This is our ambition and our mentality. We need to work very hard to try to get the first position.

“We know our style, we know our system. We try to play with the ball and every time we have the ball we play it forward. The most important is to play like this.

“We need to do this and we need to always take pride in our team. We are Watford, we are a big club and we need to understand when we play the next game, it’s important that our fans want all the best from our players.

“We had two or three days for celebrating, but now’s the moment to come back and we need to give our best in the next game

and give everything to try and take three more points and after we will see what happens.”