Wealdstone chairman Rory Fitzgerald has confirmed that the club has voted in favour of ending the season prematurely amid concerns over the financial implications of continuing the season without supporters present at games.

In a statement published on the Stones website, Fitzgerald said he, along with with other clubs from the league, had been under the impression that financial support would continue in the form of grants, while the government has said recently that any funding they provide for the current period would only be offered as a loan.

The chairman said that incurring extra debt was not in the club’s best interests and that they felt they could not vote for any other outcome at this moment in time.

“Financial prudence and stability is a core part of what the current board stands for and we are proud of how we have managed the clubs finances in recent years and the progress we are making to grow the club on and off the pitch.” he said. “We have a fiduciary duty as custodians of the club not to jeopardise this hard work and progress we have made by taking on debt in order to continue to operate with virtually no revenue.

“We, like others, clearly believed that we would be supported in covering lost revenues via grant funding until we were able to welcome supporters back to game. We continue to lobby for this outcome so we can complete the season without undermining the long-term future of the club.

“The club has now incurred close to two months of costs without any meaningful revenue and this cannot continue for further months if the club is to survive in a recognisable form.

“We therefore do not feel it is possible for the Board to vote for anything other than ending the season whilst there is no clarity on future financial support.”