Hornets legend Luther Blissett has said he would have wanted to transfer Andre Gray if he were manager after the striker broke lockdown rules.

Gray has twice broken lockdown protocol in the last year, and was fined by Surrey police, while on the pitch he has scored just three goals in 44 appearances across the last two seasons.

In an interview with Watford FC, the former record transfer fee holder said he needed to "be a man" and not try to hide away from the fact that his output on and off the pitch has not been up to the standard expected by the club, or its supporters.

In the Do Not Scratch your eyes podcast, Blissett was asked what he would have done if he was manager when Gray broke lockdown rules.

He said: “I would have said, he has to go. Put him on a transfer list, he has to go.

“Take away the football side of it, you’re going to look at the risks that he put everybody at for what he did.

“Right next door you have a hospital which those people in there every day risk their lives to save and keep people alive over there. And this happens?

“You cannot marry the two together.”

It comes after Blissett blasted Watford FC for using his tabloid nickname in their interview with Gray.

Earlier this month Blissett outlined his disgust in a Facebook post following the release of the video.

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A Watford Observer poll has found that out of 437 people, 92 per cent felt it was not ok that Blissett was mentioned in the video.

Blissett told the Do Not Scratch your eyes podcast: “"The club is trying to use my name to buy collateral for Andre.

"I find it disgusting they did that.

"I was not the one who had a party for my birthday."

Blissett also spoke about the relationship he has with the club and referred to a time when he offered to coach Watford strikers a few years ago.

He said: “It wasn’t for payment or anything like that.

“I just wanted to help because I wanted to see the club that I have given most my career to get out of trouble and get into a position where they are scoring goals and we can all enjoy going.”

However, Blissett claimed the offer “was pretty much ignored” by the club.