He might have only been there for just over a week, but Watford head coach Xisco Munoz already feels emotionally invested in his team and his players.

This was clear to see after the win over Norwich City when the Spaniard and his players embraced one another excitedly after beating the league leaders and nudging their season back towards the right direction.

Following a brief spell under the colder disciplinarian Vladimir Ivic, it seems as if the players are much happier already working with someone who is “on their side” as Munoz describes it.

“For me it was perfect, this connection with the guys,” said the head coach. “It was a good connection because it’s only a short time that I’ve been with them. I know it’s difficult to try to take the points and I know it’s difficult every day to work hard and try to take this preparation. I know every time when you want to push them, I know every time when they want to kill you. When you’re in this situation, I stay on the side of them.

“I know those three points are very important for us and I know they worked very hard and they gave everything. It’s the way, the way is long, but this is a good way, when they give these things and they play with hearts like this. It’s important to say to the guys when they work hard and give good things for the team. It’s normal that everyone at the club was happy because I think everyone can see that Watford gave their maximum and played very very hard. And I think our fans, they like this situation because when you feel the players give the maximum, I think everyone is happy.”

This weekend presents the Hornets with an opportunity to strengthen their bond with their new boss, in their difficult task, away at Swansea City.

While Munoz is aware of the club’s recent struggles on the road he insists he will set his players up no differently to any other game and claims they will be ready to attack.

“We will plan to play attacking football, I think it’s the moment to continue doing that,” he said. “We know in front we have an important team with very good players and we need to respect them. But we need to continue in the way we have been growing up, especially with our attack. I think it’s good for us.”

A win could see Watford climb into fourth place as they look to make their way up to the automatic promotion places.

However, league positions are not currently of the greatest concern for Munoz, who is more interested in how his team will perform this weekend.

“I don’t think now in this moment of which position is better,” he said. “I want to take the best position for our team but we need to work every day., play game by game day by day. We need to grow up, we need to work very hard and we will see what is our position when we are finished. The objective is final but we need to work hard now to achieve that.”

Similarly Munoz is not worrying too much about bringing in new signings in the January transfer window either. For now he is happy to use the players he has at his disposal

“I don’t want to waste time thinking about new players,” he said.

“I’m very happy with the guys that are here. I’m prepared for the next game with the players I have and I don’t want to think about the players for the future. Right now, we have the next game.

“I have these players. I need to play with these guys.”