Vladimir Ivic claims he is a man who is never satisfied, as he prepares for Watford's game against Coventry City this weekend.

The Hornets ended a three game winless run with a victory over Stoke City that lifted them into the playoff spots, in fourth.

The Serbian said he is pleased with how his players have adapted to his philosophy and saw some important signs of improvement as they stole three points late on against the Potters, but insists he is always looking for ways in which his team can be better.

"I believe they have adapted with my philosophy, and the way how I want to play," said Ivic of his squad. "I believe that they understand because of a lot of work that we did, with a lot of meetings, a lot of speaking between us.

"I believe that we improved a little bit. We are better than how we were in the beginning. If we speak about our possession, if we speak about our movement, when we have the ball, if we speak about our chances, and how many chances we create during the game.

"Normally, we need to improve in some other things. Our defence, our transition game, these things never stop.

Harrow Times:

"You can have one game where you can score three or four goals. But again, in every game, you can find something that you want to improve. And I'm one of the coaches who wants to do it. I'm not satisfied never with just one victory. One victory is one victory, which will give you three points. But for me, it's important that all of my players will understand the position what they have to play and what they need to do, what they did good, what they didn't do good, and how we can improve these things."

Asked if he was enjoying his time working in the Championship, Ivic said the relentlessness of the competition did not afford him much opportunity to find enjoyment, but that he was happy with his job.

"I enjoy yes but I don't have time to enjoy," he said. "I need to be focused day by day. Yesterday we finished one game and then I started to think about the game on Saturday, you don't have time to celebrate or to be happy.

"You are happy for less than one hour because the next game is in two or three days, you need to think, to take information from the medical team, to see if everything is okay with the players who played the game, then prepare the practise to prepare for the next opponent.

This is what every manager has to do and when you ask if I enjoy it, I enjoy my job. Yes."

Looking ahead to Saturday's clash with the Sky Blues, Ivic said they were a team who perfectly illustrated the competitiveness of the Championship with their win over league leaders Reading last weekend and that it was by no means going to be an easy fixture.

"They're not in a good position in the table, but they beat Reading," he said.

"This is the best example here of how is football, you have to give respect for everyone. You have to prepare yourself for a tough game. I know it will be and I believe that my players know now every game is a tough game, every game you must work hard, from the first until the last second of the game to achieve your goal.

"in football, you don't have presents, nobody gives you presents in football. You need to work hard to achieve your victory, to get three points. If you work hard, if you're focused if you are tactically and physically better than your opponent, you can expect that you will win the game."