Watford head coach Vladimir Ivic has said his players know their responsibility after Derby County's Wayne Rooney came into contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19 before playing against the Hornets on Friday night.

The former England captain was visited by a friend who had been instructed to be tested for Covid-19 and was later found to have the disease. He was then involved as the Hornets won 1-0 at Pride Park the following evening.

Rooney has since confirmed that he has tested negative for the virus, but will still have to self-isolate in the wake of the contact.

In a statement on Twitter, Rooney said: “Just received the news that my covid-19 test has shown I do not have the virus.

“Delighted for myself and family but obviously angry and disappointed that I now have to self-isolate and miss vital games for @dcfcofficial.”

Harrow Times:

Ivic said Watford regularly test their players and staff and that they all knew how important it was to understand what they can and cannot do at the moment.

"We test our players and all of us," he said. "I know that all of us did this test a lot of times. Last time it was two or three days ago. Maybe four days.

"We know our responsibility. We know it's a difficult time for everyone, we know that it's not something usual. it's something that started ten months ago and everybody is thinking about how to solve this problem.

"The players and everybody from the club is paying attention. My players know that they must be responsible for themself, for their family, for the club, for everyone because it's very important to know where you can go and where you cannot go and to be responsible to wear a mask, to stay at home, to don't go out if you don't need to go because the times are not good for anyone and everyone from us hopes that it will finish as fast as possible and to fix this problem."