Vladimir Ivic is expecting a tough battle tomorrow when his side go face-to-face with Sheffield Wednesday.

The Hornets won their Championship opener against Middlesbrough on Friday and are looking to back that up with another victory, this time on the road at Hillsborough.

The Owls are currently are bottom the league, following a 12 point deduction handed to them last season.

Nevertheless, Ivic feels they are still a team that will give Watford plenty of problems.

"I watched them in the first round and they've started with minus 12, but they played very good football, very organised football and it will be very difficult and tough game," he said. "Normally, we need to be focused on our game, to improve some things from the first game and to fight for three points."

Making things more difficult for Ivic is a long list of players still unavailable through injury, although the return to training of Luis Suarez and Ismaila Sarr has helped things this week.

Despite that, Ivic still sees his squad as being far from complete.

"in this period, in this moment, we are not a complete squad, we are not complete the way how we want to play," he said. "For sure, we have a lot of things to improve and I said after the first game and after the second game, we have to work a lot to improve some positions in our defence and some moments in our attack.

"Game-by-game we want to improve it and we know that we are a team who has a lot of new players, a lot of players who joined us this summer, a lot of players who joined us in the last two weeks. They're not in the best performance now but I hope that we will fix it in the next days, next weeks and we will reach the level that we want to be."

The head coach also reiterated his stance that he only wants players who want to be at Watford in his squad as he looks to finish assembling a team capable of pushing for promotion.

"I've said it a lot of times before that for me it's important to have the one group of players who will be focused on our job and who will enjoy being at Watford," he said. "When I say enjoy, I mean that they need to give their maximum every day, they need to have their mind here with us and they need to fight for the club."