Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has attributed his impressive form in recent years to a shift in mentality.

The 36-year-old believes his more relaxed approach to football makes it easier for him to not dwell on mistakes and let them affect his performances.

In an interview for the club website, said he wants younger players to know that talking to people is a good way for them to deal with any pressure they may be under.

"I’m more chilled out now," he said. "I think it’s normal when you’re younger that if you make a mistake you’re swearing and kicking things, but that doesn’t help you. You need to be able to move on because you’re not going to be able to play at your potential if you’re stuck in that state.

"Growing up helps, without a doubt, and younger players now are also realising they can go and speak to someone about things if they want to. I’m quite interested in the whole psychology side of things and it’s important players know there are people they can talk to about things like learning to deal with pressure and creating positives from it."

Maturity has also helped Foster learn what he can and cannot do in training and what work will benefit him most on a given day.

However, the former Manchester United man thinks this sometimes gives him an unfair reputation as someone who does not need to work as hard as others.

"People keep reminding me about something Troy said about me eating what I want, training twice a week and still being unbelievable," he said.

"But the truth is I’m just getting very good at knowing what I need and what I don’t need nowadays.

"At my age, there are some days when I come in and my body doesn’t feel up to training so I’ll do some work in the gym instead – and Troy’s welcome to come and join me if he can keep up.

"Speaking of other players saying funny things, there was a tweet by Edwin van der Sar that got a bit of attention a while back. I said that goalkeepers are the hardest workers and he replied joking that maybe I needed to learn that when I was younger.

"I don’t know where he came from with that but I always got on really well with Edwin at Manchester United. When I was there it was a wrong place, wrong time sort of situation and I didn’t enjoy it. But everything happens for a reason and I’m more than happy with where I’m at in my life and the decisions I’ve made."

One thing that helps Foster take his mind off football is cooking, which he claims gives him some much-needed peace and quiet away from the game.

"Some people find it stressful but I love it," he said.

"You just need a glass of red wine or a gin and tonic of some sort, and after a few sips of that you just take your time and enjoy it. It’s as simple as that.

"I always do the cooking at home. It’s just nice most of the time to have that peace and quiet for about 20 minutes in the kitchen. In the summer I have the barbecue out at every opportunity and I love it."