Dean Brennan says Wealdstone are going “day-by-day” in terms of the possibility of the National League South being suspended.

All three divisions of the National League went ahead at the weekend, with only a select few matches joining the Premier League and the EFL in suspended their fixtures due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Unlike other managers in their post-match comments, Brennan did not allude to weather he agreed or disagreed with the league’s decision to go ahead, instead insisting that they would follow whatever guidance was given.

He told the club website: “We’ll just go day-by-day. That’s all we can do, just go day-by-day and see what is going to happen.

“It’s crazy what is happening. It’s movie stuff really. It’s all we can do.

“Ross [Lafayette] rang me this morning saying he was ill, his joints were aching, so we’ve kept him away from the camp so it doesn’t spread. I don’t know what he’s got, whether it’s the flu, a doctor will have to tell you that.

“We’ll just go day-by-day on it. It’s an unbelievable situation really, it’ll probably never happen in our lifetime again.”

Lafayette’s illness meant that he missed Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Chippenham Town, and while on paper it may look an underwhelming result, Brennan felt his side were good value for their point with a depleted squad.

He said: “[We had] no centre-half, no left-back, no experience in central midfield, no Ross Lafayette, so really happy with the point.

“They’re in good form, Chippenham, and I thought it was a good game, first and foremost, and would have taken a point before the game all day long.

“First half, we were poor, I can’t lie. Second half, we were much better, more like ourselves. We wanted to play the hill better going down, we didn’t play as well as we wanted going down and you’ve got to get a lead going down that hill. To go and play up the hill and be the better side [is good].”