Christian Kabasele is preparing himself for a "difficult mission" as Watford begin their final 12 games of the season at Manchester United on Sunday.

The Hornets beat United last time out in a 2-0 home win that sparked off a run that saw them claim 14 points from six league games, which gives the Belgian some hope that they can produce another victory at Old Trafford. 

However, he knows they are not likely to create many chances at Old Trafford and that in order to win, they need to make the most of everything that falls their way.

"It's not an easy game, but I think, except maybe the game at Man City, when you look at all our top six games, we have been competitive every time," said Kabasele.

"We need to be competitive and we know that this kind of game will be played on details and it's a question of being stronger at the back and scoring the one or two chances that we have. It's a good challenge and we have 12 games to show that we are able to stay in this league.

"It will be really tough because when you are 19th with 12 games to go it's a really difficult mission, but it's not impossible. I think we are just one point from the safety, so it's nothing too difficult on paper, but in the fight it's a difficult and tough mission."

Kabasele's importance to the Watford defence is clear to see, with the side having lost just three times in the 15 matches he has started this season, two of which were against Liverpool and Chelsea. 

He also started in four out of the five league wins they have claimed, missing only the away victory over Bournemouth.

While the defender is aware of the impact he makes at the back, he knows it is not all about him and claims he would be happier if his personal statistics were worse, but the team had more points.

"If you look at the numbers, yes, the team loses fewer games when I'm playing and concedes less," said Kabasele.

"But at the moment it's not the most important thing, my personal situation. The most important thing is the team situation. I would prefer to concede more when I'm playing and lose more when I'm playing but be higher in the league, it's not a question to focus on myself, I'm focused on what the team have to do and for the moment, we are in a really bad situation."