Sebastian Prodl is looking forward to life after Watford, following his move to Udinese.

The Austrian defender’s time at Vicarage Road was a happy one, but ended with uncertainty as injuries and, as he puts it, a lack of trust from head coaches forced him to finally move on.

Despite having a strong bond with the fans, Prodl knew his time was up after what he describes as an unsuccessful year that saw his chances limited.

Even though he made his mark upon his return this season, helping the Hornets achieve their first clean sheet in 20 games, he still was unable to nail down a first-team spot.

“Unfortunately the last year wasn’t that successful with having injuries,with managers having not the biggest trust in me,” said Prodl.

“This happens in football, I think it’s a business and you need to move on somehow and the most important is to keep your faith in yourself and keep the faith that you will continue.

“This was a struggle I have to admit because at the beginning of the season I was fit and I was hoping, especially after changing the manager, to get more chances. When I got the chances I was able to prove that I was able to play and to help the team. After I came in against Sheffield, I think it was the first game after 20 games we didn’t concede a goal and that gave me the chance to believe in coming back. I’m also aware of the fact that being out for two months now, the chances got lower and people were improving and a new manager came in and built up a squad without me being there.

“The chance in Serie A was offered and me and my family had to think about each other and we went ahead and took a new challenge, out of my comfort zone, a chance to do something new.”

Prodl arrived from Werder Bremen as the Hornets’ first new signing following their return to the Premier League in 2015, and he went on to make himself an important member of the first-team, claiming the club’s Player of the Year award for the 2016-17 season and developed a good relationship with the supporters, something he said was difficult to walk away from.

“Of course it was difficult, I spent four and a half years in Watford,” he said.

“I kind of melded with the people, with the club, with the philosophy, with the art of the Watford way, so of course to say goodbye is not easy, but it was just a good time I think. We had a good time together, but on the other hand I was also looking forward to a new challenge.”

Prodl was given a farewell by the Watford supporters ahead of the Everton game this month before he flew to Italy to join his new club, something the defender insisted on doing in order for him to return his appreciation.

While the 32-year-old may have said goodbye to the club, he still expects he will be back at the Vic again before long.

“One side was crying, the other one was smiling,” he said thinking about the emotions of saying goodbye to the supporters.

“It’s just normal and it just gives me a good feeling that I had a good time there. If I was leaving in a different way, in a negative way, it wouldn’t have been a great time, but it was.

“I really appreciate the club had pressure to do the farewell, but I insisted as well on doing it because it makes everything good. I will always have a good relationship with Watford. I will always feel comfortable there and like I can come back to the club.”