Nigel Pearson is only interested in his side winning from now on after good starts in their last two games ended in defeat. 

Leads against Aston Villa and Everton were thrown away and the Hornets ended up back in the Premier League relegation zone, despite playing well during the first-half of both matches. 

Ahead of a trip to Brighton and Hove Albion this weekend, the head coach said he was not interested in his side performing well and that from now on points are all that matter.

"What do I want to do, play well or win games?" said Pearson.

"I think the preferential thing would be to win games. It's always nice to play well and win, but in our current situation, we've just got to find the answers to getting results and getting back to winning ways and that's what we'll try and do at the weekend.

"Whenever you deal with results that are probably not what you would like them to be there's got to be a time to move on and providing that we all understand what the situation is and we talk about what's not quite happened for us, it's always about them moving on and getting the prep right for the next game and that's the message now."

With this weekend the first winter break of the season, only four games are taking place, which Pearson sees as an opportunity to put pressure on the teams around them who are not in action until the following week.

"In the past I've made the point that we can apply pressure on other teams solely by getting our performances right and that's really what I intend to continue to do," he said.

"It's not spending a lot of time thinking about how other people are either dealing with it or what's high on their agenda of priorities.

"It's an opportunity for us to apply pressure. As I've said many times already, we have to have the broader view of we've got 13 games left and we've got to win enough of our own games. What that does to other people is debatable and it depends on whether they have a similar outlook to me, or whether they are speculating in the way that is done on a daily basis throughout the media. We all go into these sorts of situations trying to maintain a level of calmness which allows us to perform and really that's what it's about. It is an important game. but they're all important games for us. I understand that you could look at fixtures and say 'this is a really important game' but we know it's that anyway."