Watford's Christian Kabasele has once again spoken out about being the victim of racism, this time on French television.

The Belgian defender has previously opened up about receiving racist abuse both online and on the pitch during his time playing in Belgium and Bulgaria.

Speaking on RMC Sport's Le Vestiaire (the locker room) on Monday, he called for stronger action from social media platforms, who he thinks are not doing enough.

"It's a shame to always talk about this scourge at the moment," he said.

"I received 10 or 20 racist messages. On these accounts, there must be about the same number that were checked and nothing happened because Instagram did not find any violent comments or violations of the rules for using this social network, it is quite incredible.

"I suffered monkey chants during a match when I was playing Genk. To denounce it, I posted a photo of myself under a monkey and I asked whether or not I looked like him. The next day my post was deleted by Instagram, giving me a warning because I was violating the rules of use."

Kabasele is a supporter of Watford's We campaign, which was launched in October and is aimed at fighting discriminatory behaviour in conjunction with Hertfordshire police.

However, when speaking to RMC he explained that education is the best way to deal with discrimination.

"You have to tell the young people that these are not things that are done, it is a question of education," he said.

"If a young person sees someone or several members of his family speaking thus, he will reproduce it. Someone has to tell him it can't be done."