Quique Sanchez Flores has said he found it impossible to turn down a chance to return to Watford, after he was announced as head coach for a second time.

Speaking to the club website, the 54-year-old claims he was not thinking about a return to management following his stint in charge of Shanghai Shenhua, but that he could not resist a chance to return to a place he described as "home".

"I was in Madrid," said Sanchez Flores.

"I'd just arrived from an experience really far [away] and I was thinking to watch football and rest and take time for my kids.

"It was impossible to say no. I was in my house and received a call and I was really interested to know what Watford need and if I was able to do something for them.

“You always think about how to recreate your best dream. To come back to Watford wasn't exactly a plan but it was a possibility because of my memories and the happiness. I had good people around and an amazing feeling with fans. It was really easy to say ‘yes’.

"I loved the way the fans love football in England, the way they support and the way they respect rules in England and everything. The moment I left I was waiting for the moment to come back to England. I feel Watford is my home.”

The former Spain international returns to find a club that has progressed since he left in 2016.

Sanchez Flores said he is pleased to be returning to further develop a project that he helped with in its earlier stages, but that his primary focus is avoiding relegation.

"I felt happy that the team kept growing," he said.

"And I'm happy to participate in the base of this project. Altogether, the fans, the players, the staff, to keep in the Premier League [in my first season]. It was the base for everything.

"Now I am happy to know the club is working very hard and Gino wants to put all the tools possible in the hands of the players and the staff. They have ambition and they want to still grow.

“The squad is OK. I am just learning a little bit more about the players, their ability, their skills, their mentality. All these things are interesting for the staff.

"The priority is results. We know the schedule is really bad now, but everything is possible with a positive mentality of the players, with the fans supporting us, with the passion, everything is possible.

"We need to be realistic. Now we are bottom, but the first mentality is we don't want to go back. We don't want relegation."

With a tough first game against Arsenal coming on Sunday afternoon, Sanchez Flores wants to have the fans on his side.

He admits that, although he is a little bit shy, he is excited about hearing his song being sung by the Watford fans once again, as he looks to give them a first game to remember.

“The fans are really clever, they are fantastic," he said.

"They know the important thing is the match, to follow and support the players. If this happens (the song), I hope it happens in the beginning as I'm a little bit shy. The focus is on Arsenal, this is the match and we want to win and say, ‘This is for the fans.’

"I created an amazing connection (with the fans). I am not the main protagonist – that is always the players. They have to play well to win the matches, but I prefer to have this kind of contact and feeling with the fans. It's always important."