Watford boss Javi Gracia is not thinking past the first four games of the season, with his side taking part in their first against Brighton and Hove Albion today.

The Spaniard said overall he wants his side to improve on their last campaign's success, but that he is currently not looking too far ahead.

The head coach understands the importance of a good start in order for the club to do well and he is focussing all his energy on that.


"I only focus on the first game," he said.

"We will try to win the game. The first four games is the main objective at the moment.

"It was important last season to start by winning four in a row, we'll try to do it again. We need to be calm and try to work hard with the mentality the players have. If we do, we will get good results this season."

Gracia believes his players have put their heavy 6-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City in the cup final behind them and that they will still be positive going into the new season.

Maintaining that positivity and mentality is Gracia's key to success in this campaign. 

"I had a lot of time to think about that [FA Cup final]," he said.

"I analysed the game like we usually do and after, you try to think of a way to improve in other games, other finals.

"It’s nothing different for me. It was a great opportunity for us to play a final, to try to win it, after the game we started our holidays and that’s all.

"Our players always have the right mentality and positive mentality.

"The way they're going to play the next game doesn’t depend on the result of last game. The next game is the first game of this new Premier League and I’m sure they’re looking forward the game and will play as well as possible.

"We try to work hard but I think all the teams try to work with that mentality with that attitude, I think the secret is to try to keep that attitude duiring all the season.

"During a long season you have different circumstance and moments and you have to be constant.

"They are ready and they are ready to play in this case against Brighton, the same as we played last season.

"We were able to win and this is what I prefer to remember in this moment, maybe the players remember as well, it would be a good reminder for them."