Dodi Lukebakio believes he is worth €20million but that he simply was not ready for the challenge of the Premier League when he arrived at Watford in January 2018.

Speaking to Belgian publication Nieuwsblad from the European Under 21 Championship in Italy, the Watford striker, who spent last season on loan with Fortuna Dusseldorf, said he would be worth paying a substantial fee for, due to both his ambition and ability.

“Why would 20 million be too much for me?" he asked.

"In today's football there are no limits anymore and I am very ambitious.

"If I see the numbers in football today, I don't think it's so much. There is no limit anymore. Why would that be a lot for me? I had a great season, thanks to Düsseldorf. I am very ambitious and I expect a lot from myself.

"My goal was to play a complete season, something that so far never worked. I achieved that. And I also wanted to score between ten and fifteen goals. That is not dreaming, is it? Without being arrogant, I know I can.

"I couldn't refuse such an offer [from Watford] but the Premier League, that is the highest level, in all areas and I didn't have enough experience in my legs to handle it."

The 21-year-old spoke of a tough time spent on loan at Toulouse in the 2016/17 season, when he was prevented from playing due to his Congolese passport and a law in French football that permitted only a certain number of foreigners to feature in each squad.

The then-teenager turned to religion to get through his difficulties, after fellow Congolese-born footballer Landry 'Nany' Dimata suggested he try it and now he tries to make himself a conduit to religion for others who may be struggling.

“Having to train on a weekly basis, knowing that you cannot play, that was an enormous mental challenge," said Lukebakio.

"Certainly if you are completely alone there. Nany Dimata then pointed out to me the power of faith. I was already religious, but not practicing and I immediately felt the difference. Since then, God has been my strength and just as Nany was my channel to God, I now try to be the same for others.

"I stay grounded by living simple, being positive and realising that not everyone can become a professional footballer. And by putting my faith into practice. For example, tattoos are not for me. You should keep your body clean.”