Miguel Britos has admitted he chose to leave Watford because he was not made to feel important enough by the club.

In an interview with the club website, the Uruguayuan said that he probably would have stayed for a bit longer, but that he did not feel like a valued member of the team and so chose to return home to spend more time with his family.

"It was not a difficult decision," said Britos.

"It's only difficult because of the way I leave Watford.

"I would have liked to leave playing more games, or to feel important for this club. This season I didn’t feel that important. I did my best when I had the chances, but it was two, three games, it’s not enough, but it’s okay, I have to accept it, I’m a professional.

"This season, after November/December when I saw I don’t have chances to play here anymore and coming from injuries, it was more tough, a tough moment for me.

"I said 'okay, I gave everything this season' and it depends how I will finish because maybe if I was playing, I think I could have played one more year. In December I decided I will go back home at the end of the league."

The defender is now looking forward to playing at a lower level with his friends, while enjoying a less strict attitude to his work and admitted he found the English game very tough to cope with, especially without having a winter break. 

"I’m thinking to still play, but in my city with friends, not a high level," he said.

"I have opportunities and chances, but I don’t want them because I want to stay at home with my family in Uruguay. 

"I have missed home a lot, my parents as well. Here in England, the league is a tough league, a tough winter and you have only the summer break for holidays.

"When I was in Italy, I went home two times per year because they have the winter break, so here is a bit tough because I see my parents only once a year, my children, every time I go there, they’re bigger and my father and mother can’t believe how big they are, so I’m happy to be going back and I really want that. 

"I’m happy to be going back after 11 years in Europe. Very happy to stay with my family, to enjoy all the things when you are a footballer you can’t."

Regardless of how he feels about the club now, Britos said he will remember his time with the Hornets fondly and said he will miss the feel of playing for a family club.

Furthermore, he is grateful to the club for the opportunity to learn new life skills and make new friends.

He said: "I will miss Watford because I enjoy being part of this club and I have friends here. There are very good people working around, not only the players and I will miss it a little bit.


"It’s a very good team. Every year they are growing up, trying to do the best and the people are very kind, very good people, like a family club. Even the stadium, the supporters, they are very nice people so it’s very nice, I’m very grateful. 

"When I arrived here, I knew no words in English, so it was a good opportunity for me to learn another language. It’s also good because you can have a talk with the people and you know the people."