The Metropolitan Police revealed five men were arrested at Wembley Stadium during the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday for a number of incidents including affray, ABH and missile throwing.

The police did not confirm to which club the men were affiliated, or where in the ground they were sat.

The Watford Observer understands Club Wembley members are permitted to bring whomever they wish to games, which may have been how a number of Wolverhampton Wanderers fans managed to obtain tickets in Club Wembley seats at the Watford end of the stadium during the game.

Club colours, however, are not permitted in the Club Wembley seats.

Following the game reports emerged of the Wolves fans in the Club Wembley middle-tier seating at the West end of the stadium where the Watford fans' seating had been allocated, including from Hertfordshire Constabulary, who tweeted: “a few issues inside the stadium resulted in a few arrests and numerous Ejections. Enquiries will be made to establish why so many Wolves fans were sitting in the middle tier of the Watford end.”

Club Wembley guidelines mean members are allowed to bring whomever they wish to games as the seats are classed as a membership area and therefore not neutral. 

Incidents of disorder in these sections are believed to rare.