Javi Gracia has told his Watford players that they have not achieved anything yet this season.

With the Hornets claiming their highest ever Premier League points tally, their most ever goals scored in the division and the highest number of wins in one season all in this campaign already, it would be easy for them to be pleased with their accomplishments.

However, Gracia's message to his players is a simple one - that they have to keep going.

Sunday afternoon will see Watford competing with Wolverhampton Wanderers for a place in the FA Cup final, while there are still six games left in the league campaign, and the boss does not want to see his team becoming complacent. 

"The moment you start thinking you have achieved something, you start to lose and you don't achieve anything," said Gracia.

"I think it's the right mentality for us, but it's the way we've worked all the season. We prepare as better as possible the next game and be demanding.

"For me the attitude of the players in this moment, what I can feel when I speak with them, is the best news for me.

"I don't know what will happen in the next game, but I'm sure we will keep the right mentality until the end of the season and at the end when we look back, we will be proud of all the things we've done."

According to Gracia, one of the main contributing factors to Watford's relative success so far this season has been their togetherness.

The head coach believes that this has helped to create a unique atmosphere that he is proud to be a part of and, while a win on Sunday would put the Hornets within touching distance of silverware, Gracia believes that trophies are not necessarily the be-all and end-all. 

He said: "I can feel their ambition every single day. Not only on the pitch, not only in the different games, I can feel it in every training session and when we are eating together.

"When we are living other moments together, you can feel that spirit in little details, not only when you are working.

"You can feel all of them want to be part of the next game. This atmosphere speaks very well about the players we have in this moment. Their personalities, their commitment with the club, it's something good for us. 

"It's important to have a good togetherness.

"If you are able to achieve a trophy, it's something amazing, but I think the success for Watford is not only to have a trophy, I think there are many other things you have to give value to to realise where you are.

"You don't need only to have a trophy, but we will try to do it."