Ben Foster believes head coach Javi Gracia’s calm demeanour has been an important aspect of his success at Watford.

Gracia’s man management has been very well received at Vicarage Road by the club’s squad and the goalkeeper thinks his personal touch has made a big difference on and off the pitch.

Speaking to talkSport, Foster said: “He’s just a really nice guy first and foremost. He’s very calm and down to earth and very approachable. You can speak to him just like a normal bloke.

“But then when it comes to management he mirrors that and is very calm. He never gets too excited and I think as players and grown men, you respect that a bit more than the ones that shout and bawl at you.”

The Hornets number one added: “He comes across very well to the media but like I say it’s the same with us as well. You know where you stand with him. He’s nice and calm and I think that’s the most important thing.

“He’s got his style of play and I think he’s based that on what players he has to work with. I think there are too many managers that try to stick to a style of play and that’s it. It’s so rigid and I don’t think you can do that nowadays. You have to be flexible, assess what you have and then go with that.”

Some bosses are renowned for their no-nonsense style but Gracia, who is poised to sign a new contract, does not take this approach and Foster thinks Watford’s players appreciate his style of management.

He said: “His experience from playing the way he has, under a few managers in a similar style to him, everybody just appreciates it more.

“I’ve worked under a few managers that shout at you and constantly put you on edge. It can be counter-productive. His style especially really suits all of us and we all appreciate him.”

Jose Mourinho sparked controversy again in Manchester United’s Champions League win over Young Boys last night after turning away and shaking his head following a miss by Marcus Rashford.

It only reinforced the contrast in styles between Premier League coaches with Gracia keeping his emotions in check.

Asked about Mourinho’s reaction, Foster said: “It’s probably not something you’re going to see Gracia doing on a Saturday afternoon, let’s put it that way.

“Whether you love Jose Mourinho or hate him it wouldn’t be the same without him and that’s the beauty of it. Everyone’s going to have their own opinion but it’s not something I’d go doing anyway.”

Despite Watford being perched inside the top half of the league all season, the club have not received the same level of exposure as teams such as Bournemouth. Foster does not see this as an issue though, insisting the squad are happy to get on with their work without too much fuss.

The 35-year-old said: “I think the nice thing is we fly under the radar. Everyone seems to be singing Bournemouth’s praises with Eddie Howe and their British core but we’re on the same points as them so we go under the radar.

“I don’t think we’re going to lose much sleep over it and we just go about our business and I think we’re happy with that to be honest.”