Hi Everyone

What a wonderful turnout we had for World Poetry Day at Gayton Library. All thanks goes to Andrea, the librarian, for helping arrange the event.

We’d set out twenty or so chairs, rather optimistically I thought. But before we began we’d needed another ten chairs and while the poets were reading and singing their work, there were more people who had to stand.

We began with Mike Davidson who had brought his keyboard. He’s a shining light of the JPS and has had thousands of hits on YouTube.

Some of you will know the names Don and Natalie Reuben (father and daughter) from our poetry competition and they read their poems. Then we had Adam, Joy and Jeffery from the JPS as well as John who’s a regular competition entrant.

New names to me were Dimpy, Kushpul, Jonathan, Robin, Saresh, Anthony and Laura and they read their poems to great applause.

Star of the evening? Harshitta Rajmohan, a ten year old girl whose sister Rashmitta also recited a poem. Harshitta’s poem dedicated to her baby brother was joyful, loving and humorous.

We had 90 minutes of unbroken poetry - and it went in a flash. At the end I was delighted that the poets asked me if we could make this a regular event and I’ll be in touch with Carillion and see what we can come up with.

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