This week, I was in my usual role of Borough Commander at Harrow Police Station. It was my responsibility to deal with any major incidents which may occur in Harrow.

It gives me pleasure to report that crime continues to fall in Harrow. In the rolling 12 months, burglary has seen a 16.1% reduction, meaning 303 fewer victims.

In theft from motor vehicle, an 11.5 % reduction, meaning 141 fewer victims.

These figures help keep us the safest borough in London and we will continue to work together to reduce crime further.

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This week, some crime prevention advice on general online safety:

All users of the internet should protect themselves by installing robust firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. We also provide external links to other partner sites which you may find useful - see related links section.

Listed below are some tips for all users;

• Always use strong password incorporating numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters

• Don’t use the same password for different sites and avoid the use of children’s or pets names

• Remember that not everybody on the internet is honest and if it seems too good to be true it most certainly is!

• The banks will NEVER ask you to confirm your password and other log-on security details • Beware of emails from financial institutions informing you there’s a problem with your account no matter how authentic they appear. These emails request that you open a link and enter your personal security information that then re-directs you to a bogus site that collects your security information.

• If in doubt phone the bank using the phone number from a genuine piece of correspondence or phone directory.

• Regularly check your balance and contact your bank if there are any unrecognised or suspicious withdrawals.

• Shred bank statements and other correspondence that contain your account number, ideally with a cross-cut shredder.

• The majority of people buying and selling on the internet are honest and do deliver and pay for goods it’s is recommended that both parties take the necessary steps to ensure that satisfaction is achieved.

• If it seems too good to be true it most probably is.

• You are strongly advised not to use money transfers to pay for items bought on-line.

• It’s strongly advise to use a dedicated credit/debit card for all your on-line transactions Via mobile device • While very convenient and user friendly it should be stressed that accessing the internet from a mobile device is not without risk.

• It is strongly recommended that each devices security protocols are set to the highest level and use PIN codes to lock SIMS, keypads and voicemail, particularly when your mobile device contains amounts of personal data.

• Caution should be employed when using public Wi-Fi hot spots i.e coffee shops, libraries etc as these areas are not secure and hence any transactions could be compromised.

• Avoid downloading apps from non official sites as they can be used to install malware.

• Be watchful of others looking at your screen • Users should be aware that photos taken from many phones have embedded location information.

Good work by my officers

On Wednesday, 28 October, police were called to Waverley Road, Harrow regarding reports that a male had assaulted someone. Officers quickly arrived on scene and spotted a male matching the description given. He was behaving suspiciously, and it soon became apparent he was concealing a large kitchen knife under his right sleeve. He was disarmed and swiftly arrested. He will now face justice.

This arrest ensured that public safety was maintained. Police in Harrow will not tolerate knives being carried in public.

On Thursday, 29 October, officers executed a search warrant at an address in Edgware. Numerous digital scales, a large quantity of herbal cannabis wrapped in clingfilm and a large number of small deal bags of cannabis were recovered.

This was an excellent example of pro-active work, ensuring that a large amount of cannabis has now been taken off our streets.

Simon Ovens Harrow Borough Commander

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