This week, I was in my usual role of Borough Commander at Harrow Police Station. It was my responsibility to deal with any major incidents which may occur in Harrow.

Whilst performing this role, on Tuesday I attended The Borough and Parish Church of St Mary, Harrow-on-the-Hill for an event to mark the institution and induction of Reverend James Power.

I enjoyed the event and wish Reverend Power every success.

On Wednesday, I attended a Metropolitan Police History Society (MPHS) event, held at New Scotland Yard.

As Chairman of MPHS and on behalf of the MPS, I had the honour of welcoming Mr Trevor Locke GM, who gave a speech.

On 30, April 1980, PC Trevor Lock was posted to fixed point duty outside the Iranian Embassy in Kensington. He was in uniform, armed with a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver concealed under his uniform jacket.

Shortly after 11am, six Arab terrorists stormed into the building firing automatic weapons. The events over the next six days resulted in Trevor becoming a national hero and winning him the George Medal, the Freedom of the City of London, and special mention by name in a resolution passed by the House of Commons.

On Thursday, I attended an event to mark the signing of the British Sign Language Charter by the Mayor of Harrow.

This shows the council's commitment to remove discrimination against deaf people, empower local deaf communities, increase awareness of issues that deaf people may face and provide better educational opportunities for deaf children.

Speakers at the event included the Mayor of Harrow and Dr Terry Riley OBE of the British Deaf Association.

I would like to say ‘Well done’ to Asif Iqbal MBE of the British Deaf Association and Harrow United Deaf Club who worked so hard to arrange the event.

The event also coincided with the 125th Anniversary of the British Deaf Association and was marked by Abdi, a pupil at Hatch End High School, making a speech and presenting an excellent cake which was well received by all!

MPS Harrow is committed to serving all our communities and will be exploring ways to ensure we can communicate with and serve our local deaf community.

It gives me pleasure to report that crime continues to fall in Harrow.

In the rolling 12 months, burglary has seen a 14.6 % reduction, meaning 273 fewer victims.

In robberies, a 2.1 % reduction, meaning 6 fewer victims.

These figures help keep us the safest borough in London and we will continue to work together to reduce crime further.

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This week, some crime prevention advice on making sure your home is secure:

Burglars always look for easy targets.

Make sure your home is secure.

Good locks on all doors and windows are essential.

The most important items for your safety and security are locks and bolts:

1. PVCu and aluminum doors should have multi-locking systems. Additional mortice deadlocks and/or key operated throw bolts can be fitted to provide additional security and reduce leverage points.

2. Always remember to lift multi-locking handles and lock with a key, to prevent burglars reaching in through the letterbox to open the door. Internal letterbox shields also prevent car and house keys being fished through the letterbox.

3. Wooden front doors should be solid timber, with a BS 5-lever mortice lock and two mortice rack bolts.

4. Wooden back doors should be solid timber, with a BS 5-lever mortice lock and two mortice rack bolts.

5. Hinge bolts should be fitted to outward opening doors.

6. Patio doors should have a minimum of three locking points, with an anti-lift device to prevent them being lifted from their runners.

7. All ground floor windows and any windows that are easily accessible above ground floor should have key operated window locks, unless they are to be used as fire escapes.

8. Window handles should be multi locking, with shoot bolts into the frame. If not, surface mounted, key operated window locks should be fitted to provide additional security and reduce leverage points.

Good work by my officers

On Saturday, 10 October at around 3.15am, officers received a call from a member of the public stating they had seen two males trying car door handles along The Heights, Northolt.

Officers arrived on scene minutes later, and found two males matching the descriptions given. They were searched and one was found to have various tools with him.

Both males were swiftly arrested and will now face justice.

On Sunday, 11 October at around 3.25am, a call was made to police from a security monitoring company advising us of an insecure building on College Road, Harrow.

Officers attended and surrounded the building, which was then searched with assistance from a police dog and dog handler.

A male suspect was found hiding in a stairway. He was searched and found to have a pair of pliers and screwdriver with him.

He was promptly arrested and has been charged.

Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens Harrow Borough Commander

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