This week I was in my usual role of Borough Commander at Harrow Police Station. It was my responsibility to deal with any major incidents which may occur in Harrow.

It gives me pleasure to report that crime continues to fall in Harrow.

In the rolling 12 months, burglary has seen a 14.5 % reduction, meaning 269 fewer victims.

In robberies, a 6.5% reduction, meaning 8 fewer victims.

These figures help keep us the safest borough in London and we will continue to work together to reduce crime further.

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This week, some crime prevention advice about front, side and rear boundaries:

Front boundaries should not exceed 1m in height, unless they are metal railings, which allow natural vision through.

Side and rear boundaries should be a minimum of 1.8m in height. If the height of the boundary exceeds 2m in height, planning permission may be required.

An additional diamond style trellis is difficult to climb and provides an ideal framework for spiky defensive planting, such as climbing roses.

Wooden side and driveway gates should be secured on the inside with two substantial hasps and staples with closed shackle padlocks, one towards the top, and one towards the bottom, to reduce leverage.

Gravel driveways and paths prevent a silent approach.

Wheelie bins should be stored behind secure side gates until collection day, to prevent them being used as climbing aids.

Good work by my officers

On Saturday, 3 October, officers responded to a 999 call from a female stating that an intruder was in her house.

Police arrived on scene within minutes and found a man in the bedroom with items of jewellery. The male was swiftly arrested and the items recovered.

When the man was searched, he was also found to have drugs on him.

He was charged and will now face justice.


On Tuesday, October, during the early hours of the morning, police were patrolling Grange Farm Close, South Harrow where they stopped a male driver.

He was required to take a roadside breath test which he failed. He was arrested. The man then informed officers that he had a “stick” in the car which he “meant to get rid of”. A friction lock baton was seized.

This was a proactive stop of a vehicle, culminating in an arrest which means that a drink driver in possession of a dangerous weapon has been taken off of our roads.

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