It's said that in life we regret more what we don't do than what we actually do. So don't have regrets about missing the opportunity to take part in our showcase for talented local residents of all ages, which is getting much closer - 15th August.

You’ve had time to think about what you’re going to be performing, be it singing, dancing, playing music, reciting your poetry, juggling or telling us jokes at our celebration of the arts.

We’re holding open auditions at Wealdstone Library (The Wealdstone Centre, 38-40 High Street, Wealdstone, HA3 7AE) on Tuesday 4th August between 2pm and 7pm. Just come along or, if you can’t make it, drop me an email at jewishpoetrysociety@yahoo.com

Entry for participants and audience is free, so make sure you have family and friends there on the day to cheer you along. There will be prizes and certificates.

It’ll be a few minutes on stage which you’ll remember for the rest of your life - let’s make it happen!

And yes, one omission. I left out the fire eaters. Perhaps next time …………

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