On Wednesday, I attended City Hall London for the Safer Neighbourhoods Board Conference. I was proud to represent Harrow at this event, where I was able to discuss how we have progressed as a board and the successful projects undertaken.

It was the excellent work of Harrow’s Safer Neighbourhoods Board that secured the knife bin in Wealdstone, helping to take knives off the streets of our borough. We will continue to work in partnership to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

For more information about Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board please visit www.saferharrow.co.uk

On Thursday, I attended the citizenship ceremony on behalf of the Mayor of Harrow Cllr Ajay Maru. I was privileged to have been asked by the Mayor to hand out citizenship certificates and speak to the new UK citizens.

Crime prevention

Take photographs of your valuables. Photographs of a stolen object greatly improve the chances of recovery. Photographs can be taken using any photographic format and need not prove to be expensive. Take a variety of shots of each object. Remember, do not be concerned with taking the object from its most photogenic angle; instead concentrate on what makes this object unique or identifiable.

If possible:

  • Indicate the object's size and dimensions by placing a ruler next to small items, or write down the measurement
  • Show distinguishing marks, repair marks, hallmarks
  • Show the back and front of paintings
  • On many objects a flash-gun is difficult to use as it may glare on shiny surfaces such as glass. Use good, even natural daylight or bounced or diffused flash lighting if possible
  • Try to use a plain background; white or grey are best, avoid patterned wallpaper or carpet
  • Write a short description of each of your valuables; it’s much easier to do this now, rather than trying to remember an object when it is stolen

Good work by my officers

On Wednesday, 25 March, officers from Harrow Crime Squad arrested a known drug dealer for possession of cannabis with intent to supply in Belmont Circle. He was already on bail for dealing drugs and was remanded to attend court.

On Thursday, March 26, officers from my proactive cycle team made two arrests after only five minutes of patrols. One was for theft of a cycle and the other for possession of drugs.

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