A famous Harrow landmark celebrates its 25th anniversary today.

The Katie statue was unveiled by Harrow Council on May 2, 1987, to celebrate the pedestrianisation of St Ann’s Road, in the town centre.

The monument was designed by James Butler, who was inspired to create the statute after watching his daughter, Kate, playing in the garden.

Mr Butler then entered his sculpture into a competition run by the council to choose a landmark work of art for the town centre.

Mr Butler, who is now 80 and still making sculptures, says Katie remains one of his favourite pieces, because of the “sentimental” value.

He said: “It was a very enjoyable project from the start, with a gentle and charming subject that lifts the spirits, so I’m very pleased people still like it.”

The sculpture also created 20 Katie miniatures — ten 12-inch and ten six-inch replicas — which were auctioned off by the Harrow Heritage Trust.

Daughter Kate is now a 44-year-old restaurant and café consultant and lives in Bath with her partner and two children.

She said: "It’s incredibly flattering the statute was named after me. It’s always been funny to think of all the people in Harrow, who over the years have said, ‘Let's go and meet under Katie!’.”