With a huge roar more than 2,000 motorbikes left WembleyÍs Ace Cafe for a charity run to Southend on Bank Holiday Monday.

Machines from the classic era of British motorcycling to modern Japanese superbikes had gathered at the famous venue beside the North Circular for the 11am start.

Organiser Ron Miles, 50, of Orange Hill Road, Burnt Oak, led the pack on a Yamaha 650 special as it roared towards the seaside.

ñIt was a fantastic feeling seeing all the bikes together,î said Ron. ñEverybody was so friendly, it was like one big family.î

A coach donated by HearnÍs of Kenton Lane, Harrow, carried non-motorcyclists and disabled children to the coast.

At Southend the group was met by other bikers and scooterists until more than 6,500 people had gathered on the seafront for a giant celebration.

The event is expected to raise thousands of pounds for SouthendÍs Little Haven ChildrenÍs Hospice from collections and the sale of collectable badges and motorcycle books donated by Asda in Colindale.