A WEMBLEY fundraiser will hold a charity football tournament this Sunday to raise money for a children’s home in India.

Natasha Mansigani, 23, has organised the five-a-side tournament to raise money for the Cornerstone Children's Home, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, in south India.

She started a project to raise money for the home in April. The tournament will have 16 teams competing to win the Cornerstone Premier League title and will be held at GOALS, in Alperton Lane, Wembley.

The event aims to raise more than £1000 to support the children’s home and also help the cause gain support to register the project as a non-profit charity.

Miss Mansigani said: “The children we support are all destitute, street children. Some are orphans, and others are runaways escaping poverty, neglect or abuse.

The home provides these children with a loving, hygenic and comfortable environment - everything they deserve.

“At such a young age these children have suffered more than most will ever experience in a lifetime. Providing them with a comfortable home and education has brought back the smiles on their faces. They are now much happier and healthier children.

“I am extremely passionate about this project and the children we are supporting. I feel that if my fundraising efforts can provide for 28 children then the more supporters we get, the more children we can help.

“It only costs £5 to provide a child with shelter and education for an entire month.” The event will be held between 10am and 2pm this Sunday.