THE deputy leader of the Tory group has denied “civil war” between the members as he congratulated today’s by-election winner for Stanmore Park.

Marilyn Ashton won the race with a clear majority of 1395 votes with Labour’s Niraj Dattani with 509 votes coming second and independent candidate Eric Silver coming third with 299 votes.

The remaining six candidates included Liberal Democrat's Sylvia Warshaw with 98 votes, the Green party's Linda Robinson with 53 votes and UKIP candidate Herbie Crossman with 48 votes.

A council spokesman confirmed the turnout was 27.8 per cent.

Following the announcement council leader, Councillor Bill Stephenson (Labour), said: “We very happy with how our candidate did and were united behind him. The Tory candidate did win but there is civil war going on in that party at the moment.”

Councillor Barry Macleod-Cullinane, deputy leader of the Conservative Group at Harrow Council, congratulated fellow party member Marilyn Ashton’s win at the election result.

He said: “We are very pleased with Marilyn Ashton’s win showing the party is right for the Stanmore Park area. The voters clearly thought we would be the best party for the area and showed that.

“I can guarantee there is not a civil war within the party. We are united on many issues unlike the Labour party who are divided on many things. We are happy our candidate won and will be working towards doing as much for the area as possible.”

Councillor Husain Akhtar, (Conservative, Canons ward), said: “I warmly congratulate Marilyn on her magnificent by-election win and wholeheartedly welcome her to the council.

"She is a professional and has tremendous leadership skills which, like before, will enrich the work of the council.