A KINGSBURY school will apply for academy status but could face strikes and risks becoming a “cause celebre”, teaching unions claims.

Kingsbury High School governors voted in a meeting yesterday to push ahead with proposals to cut their ties with Brent Council, according to a joint statement from three teaching unions.

The move comes after a ballot of staff organised by governors showed around 85 per cent were against the proposals and parents are said to be forming their own opposition.

Hank Roberts, junior vice-president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said: “I think it’s inconceivable with an 85 per cent vote against that there won’t be a strike unless they back off on this.

“I cannot see it with that degree of opposition to what’s going on.”

The unions have for some time been vowing to hold a formal ballot for strike action in the event of a decision in favour of applying for academy status.

Mr Roberts said they intend to ballot and the process will start before the end of term and it is thought it will close on September 8.

A joint statement from the ATL, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and NASUWT says the school is acting undemocratically and is not consulting.

It warns: “To press ahead with all their stakeholders clearly and overwhelmingly against would turn Kingsbury into a cause celebre for all those who hold democratic values.

“It would be unprecedented – not just in Brent but nationally. To risk this would be a step too far for a head or governor who values their reputation in the school and community.”

No one at the school was available for comment.