JAMES Bond has ousted the Mayor of Harrow to be elected as an independent on Harrow Council.

The ticket office master at North Harrow Tube Station has won a seat in Headstone North ward at the expense of current mayor Eric Silver.

Mr Bond ran as an independent and now followed his father's footstep in being elected to the council.

Mr Silver loses his seat on the council during his mayoralty, but his Tory colleagues Anthony Seymour and Janet Mote managed to hold on to their seats.

Labour have taken clean sweeps in Roxeth, Roxbourne, Headstone South, Kenton East, and Queensbury, and are level pegging with the Tories on 19 seats each.

The Labour notable victories so far this afternoon include the defeat of sitting councillors Jeremy Zeid and Dinesh Sonaki who have been booted off the council.