LONDON'S Tory mayor called for a “long period of silence” from Labour's Tony McNulty on a visit to the town centre today.

Boris Johnson disputed claims by Labour rivals that his record in charge of the capital indicates Tory politicians would impose large scale cuts, while meeting members of the public outside St Anns Shopping Centre.

Gareth Thomas and Tony McNulty, the Labour candidates for Harrow West and Harrow East, have attacked Mr Johnson over reductions in Met police staff and tube station ticket offices.

Mr Johnson said: “It's absolute nonsense. I think that crime in Harrow is down considerably and we are very proud of our record so far.”

He added: “I'm confident we can eliminate a lot of waste in Government and we have been able to do that in London.

“One thing we mustn't do is jeopardise valuable services that will make a difference to people's quality of life.”

He attacked Labour's Harrow East candidate Tony McNulty, saying: “Is this the man who used tax payers money to pay for his parents' house?

“Can it really be the same Tony McNulty who is attacking our record? I think a long period of silence would be best for Tony McNulty.”

Mr Johnson joined Dr Rachel Joyce and Bob Blackman, Tory candidates for Harrow West and Harrow East, as they campaigned for support.

He was ambushed by one Harrow 19-year-old, who claimed there are not enough jobs for young people in London and another resident who called for the mayor to back Labour's ID card scheme.

Gareth Thomas, Labour candidate for Harrow West, said: “There are cuts to 455 police posts. The so-called efficiency savings he's putting down in the Met mean civilian staff are being cut from call centres and police officers are being drafted in to cover those posts.

“Where's our new police station? We were in advanced negotiations under Ken Livingston. We now have no idea whether a police station is going to happen.”

The Harrow Times has contacted Mr McNulty for a comment and is awaiting a response.