A KENTON school's football team has won the Middlesex Cup for the first time since Stuart Pearce was in the side 34 years ago.

The under 13s at Claremont High School sent Acton High packing on Friday with a 5-2 win, and went on to win the double, bringing home the Brent Cup when they beat Preston Manor on Monday.

The last time pupils won the Middlesex Cup was in 1976 when Stuart Pearce was in their ranks.

Jordan Brown, 13, the team's captain, said: “Everyone in our school is proud of us, they're saying that they couldn't believe we scored five goals.

“The school hasn't won the Middlesex Cup in thirty years. I don't think anyone in Brent has won it in a long time. It's a great achievement for us and we are just really proud of ourselves.

“I've seen highlights of Stuart Pearce when he played in Euro '96. I would be honoured to go and do half the stuff he did.”

Pupils have been getting into school early for training before their lessons start and through their hard work the side lost only one match this season.

They beat six teams to bring home the Middlesex Cup in a straight knock out tournament.

Jamie Robertson, the team's coach, said: “The kids were just really excited and proud of everything they have done because its an amazing achievement.

“They played brilliantly – they went 5-0 up against a very good side. We are hoping Jordan will be our next Stuart Pearce. He's scored 50 goals this season.”