TEACHERS are opposing a move to merge two education forums under guidelines set out in Harrow's new constitution unveiled in draft last week.

Maggie Pitfield, chairwoman of Harrow Teachers' Consultative Committee, said the proposal to combine the Education Consultative Forum and the Governors' Forum would not work.

"The constituencies represented by these two committees are very different, a fact that cannot be ignored simply by placing them under the general heading of 'education'," she said.

Ms Pitfield put her case at a meeting of the Cabinet on Tuesday last week when councillors recommended the adoption of a new constitution for the council.

The leader, Cllr Bob Shannon explained that it was still in draft form and there would be opportunities for arguments to be heard.

The revamped framework sets out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which ensure that decisions are 'efficient, transparent and accountable to local people'.

But the Conservative group argued for more consultation before any approval. "The opposition by the teachers' consultative committee about one aspect of the constitution could be one of many," said Cllr Clive Scowen, whose amendment for the issue to be deferred until the April Cabinet meeting fell flat.

So did his desire for further public consultation to be carried out on adopting an enhanced Committee structure, similar to one put forward by Brighton and Hove Borough Council, instead of the proposed Leader and Executive model.

But Gerald Balanbanof, the council's solicitor, said another referendum, similar to the one in December which endorsed the leader and executive model, would be needed but could not take place for five years.

"The new constitution would allow sufficient flexibility to allow the council to operate in accordance of the outcome of the election in May," he explained.