A HARROW MP has been accused of lying to residents over his support for pension holders fighting for compensation.

Tony McNulty made a pledge to Harrow residents in the Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG) that he would do what he could to aid they fight for fair compensation after the near collapse of pension firm Equitable Life.

However, Stuart Pole, chairman of EMAG in Herts and Middlesex, said the Labour MP for Harrow East had failed to live up to that pledge by voting against a motion in the House of Commons which supported the pension holders' cause.

Mr Pole wrote: “We told you unequivocally it was the demand of your constituents that in future, should your political sensitivities and acting in your constituents’ rightful interests again diverge, you fulfill your duty and support your constituents.

“You agreed to do so.

“Proferring an implausible shameful excuse once is unfortunate.

“Repeating and publishing the same – knowing it a proven busted flush – reveals desperation and incompetence.”

EMAG members met with Mr McNulty on December 4 to discuss the matter and challenged him to explain why he had voted against a Lib Dem motion supporting the group's cause.

He told them it was a political stunt he could not support, and in a letter after the recent Tory motion, Mr McNulty gave a similar excuse.

He wrote: “The motion concerned was a Conservative motion designed to embarrass the government for cheap, political reasons and was not about furthering the cause of EMAG at all.

“In these circumstances, I voted against a political stunt, not against the wishes and aspirations of EMAG or my constitunents.

“I remain fully committed to secure justice for Equitable Life victims and will continue to work to that end.”

Mr Pole demanded an “unreserved apology for lying” from Mr McNulty as EMAG continues to push for compensation for its members.

The group has been battling for ten years for justice after millions lost money from their pension funds when Equitable Life was on the brink of collapse.