A "REMORSELESS" Wembley preacher who raped a woman on seven consecutive days was jailed on Friday.

Note: Defendant later acquitted: see here

Paul Robin Denton, 46, of Barnhill Road, was jailed for 12 years after repeatedly abusing his 32-year-old victim in October 2007.

He was found guilty after a trial at Inner London Crown Court when jurors heard how the religious fanatic put the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, through “hell on earth”.

She told the court Denton believed women should be submissive “because the scripture says so”.

When she challenged his views, Denton, who changed his name to Lord Denton, repeatedly punched her in the face, head-butted her, pulled out her hair, and raped her “day after day” as a punishment.

Detective Constable Jon Wedger said: “The level of abuse and the time period it has been spread over has had an overwhelming impact on the victim. Denton has shown no remorse for his actions, even making her go through the ordeal of the trial.

“I hope knowing he has been held accountable for his actions will go someway to helping his victim come to terms with what has happened and allow her to move forward with her life.

“She has shown incredible bravery throughout the criminal proceedings and I hope that strength continues as she rebuilds her life.”

He was arrested in February 2008 but while on bail he sneaked into his victim's house and stole her hat.

He then sent it back to her in an effort to intimidate her.

Denton, who committed the crimes in Daventry, but later moved to Wembley, was born in Croydon and moved to South Africa with his parents when aged eight months old.

He claims he was kidnapped by his father after his parents split up and told the court he was forced to leave the country after being part of an anti-apartheid group.

He was found guilty of seven counts of rape, four of assault and one of witness intimidation.