POLICE came under attack from bottles and bricks this evening in violent clashes outside Harrow Central Mosque.

Superintendent Julia Pendry of the Met Police said: "What police set out to do today was to police peaceful protests.

"Unfortunately what unfolded was a series of acts of disorder and even cases of violence. Officers came under attack from bricks and bottles and we had to deploy our staff in protective equipment a number of times.

"Police had to take fast time action to stop events from getting even worse this afternoon, by intervening to prevent an imminent breach of the peace. We had to act to stop things from escalating.

"It is completely unacceptable for people to use the excuse of protest to break the law and behave in this way. We've been told that the majority of people that gathered in Station Road today were not even part of the local community. Stewards worked hard to intervene and keep the crowds calm, helping to prevent further disorder. What played out on the streets of Harrow today is completely unacceptable to everyone."

A total of nine arrests where made for possession of offensive weapons. One arrest was made to prevent a breach of the peace, he was released as soon as police were confident that the threat had passed.

Police are maintaining a presence in the area this evening to reassure the local community.